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Tens of millions of pounds pour into this country's institutions and political organisations from despotic governments abroad. Objectivity is lost, censorship may occur, and academic freedom is impaired.

It's time to put pressure upon these institutions. We must demand transparency and accountability, we must demand an end to the influence of tyrants, we must demand the promise to only accept Clean Cash.

Spread the word:

On Twitter: follow @clean_cash on twitter and use the #CleanCash hashtag in your own tweets.

On Facebook: find out the latest and invite your friends to join in by using our facebook page.

Download our logo: use our special supporters' logo to help spread the word.

Get your university to sign up:

As a student, through your unions, you have the power to raise issues and enact change. Why not ensure that dirty money does not benefit oppressive regimes by lobbying your university to sign the Clean Cash pledge. There are a number of ways to achieve this (we suggest combing as many as possible):

1) Submit a motion to your student union, lobbying the union to directly pressure the university to sign the pledge

2) Raise the pledge with your vice-chancellor directly, as well as your local MP

3) Draw attention to the pledge through the student media, with the support of political, development and human rights societies from all across the political spectrum

4) Using Facebook and Twitter, encourage as many persons as possible to publicise Clean Cash and the pledge. [Coming soon: a Clean Cash 'Twibbon' to add to your facebook profile picture]

5) Create a petition on campus, and publicise it through the Union's website, mailing lists and calendars


Universities wishing to self certify as qualifying for Clean Cash status should first make sure they fulfill the requirements of the pledge. If they qualify, they may then download our logo for use in their own publicity.


Download the Clean Cash logo here. By displaying it on an organisation's website, you are committing to the pledge.


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Follow @Clean_Cash on twitter

and use the #CleanCash hashtag.